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Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Hardik Padhiyar is one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad specializing in knee replacement surgery. He has performed many successful knee replacement surgeries using the latest techniques. He trained at top hospitals in India which has helped him gain expertise. His focus on the quality of treatment and care helps patients recover faster.

What are the different types of knee replacement surgery?

There are three types of knee replacement surgery – Total Knee Replacement (TKR), Partial Knee Replacement surgery, and Revision Knee Replacement. In TKR, both parts of the knee joint that are damaged – the femur and tibia are resurfaced with prosthetic components. Partial knee replacement involves resurfacing only one part of the knee that is damaged. Revision knee replacement is done to replace an existing prosthetic knee joint.

What is the average cost of knee replacement in Ahmedabad?

The average cost for a total knee replacement in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs. 2-3 lakhs. This includes the surgery charges; implant cost and hospital stay for 3-5 days. The cost may vary depending on the type of implant used – standard or premium, hospital amenities, and surgeon’s fees. Some health insurance policies also cover the surgery expenses partially.

What is the recovery period after knee replacement surgery?

The average recovery time after knee replacement surgery is 4-6 months. It takes about 6 weeks to start walking comfortably again without support. However, light daily exercises and physical therapy begin right after surgery. Full recovery may take 3-6 months depending on age, post-surgery care, and rehabilitation. Patients can resume low-impact activities like swimming within 2 months.

How long does the surgery for knee replacement take?

Most knee replacement surgeries take about 1-2 hours to perform depending on each individual case and type of procedure. Dr. Padhiyar being an experienced surgeon and knee pain doctor in Ahmedabad can complete the surgery in around 1 hour for routine cases.

What is the success rate of knee replacement surgery?

With advances in surgical techniques and implant technology, the success rate of knee replacement surgery is over 90% nowadays. However, it depends on factors like the patient’s age, post-surgery care, lifestyle, and joint biomechanics. Younger patients who are active tend to have implants that last 10-15 years while for the elderly it is over 20 years. Proper rehabilitation helps enhance the success rate.

Which activities are avoided after knee replacement?

For the first 3-6 months after knee replacement, it is advisable to avoid high-impact activities like running, jumping, heavy lifting, or sudden twisting movements. Also avoid sports that involve pivoting on the knee joint like tennis, basketball, etc.

If you are suffering from knee pain or any other orthopedic-related joint problems, feel free to contact Ahmedabad’s best orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hardik Padhiyar for quick solutions. Book an appointment today!