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Dr. Hardik Padhiyar is a highly skilled and experienced consultant orthopedic doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. known for his expertise in joint replacement surgery, complex trauma cases, and Arthroscopic (sports injury) procedures. With an impressive educational background in MBBS, MS (ortho) and fellowships under top ranked mentors in highly decorated institutes. With having huge experience over multiple polytrauma cases & arthroplasty (primary, complex as well as revision) in top rated institutions, he specializes in primary complex & revision shoulder, knee, and hip replacement surgery as well as managing complex fractures, polytrauma cases. He currently serves as a trusted consultant orthopedic surgeon in Ahmedabad.

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Dr. Hardik Padhiyar - Best Joint and Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Hardik Padhiyar is a top joint replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is the best knee surgery doctor, hip replacement doctor, knee specialist, joint pain doctor, shoulder specialist and trauma surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A recognized best knee replacement surgeon and best hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, best trauma surgeon, ortho doctor in Ahmedabad treating a range of complex orthopedic disorders surgery in Ahmedabad. We know that orthopedic patients experience pain and hardship. We also know that you invest your money and effort in dealing with orthopedic problems. That's why we don't just treat patients; we work to prevent issues so that your efforts and dedication can lead to better outcomes. He currently serves as a trusted consultant orthopaedic surgeon at CIMS Hospital, AB Plus Hospital Ahmedabad and NIMS Hospital Deesa.

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Modern Technology

Modern technology has made minimally invasive surgery a reality in orthopedics. These procedures involve smaller incisions, reduced pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recoveries. Techniques like arthroscopy and robot-assisted surgeries offer superior precision and outcomes.

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Our team of certified doctors has successfully completed extensive medical education and training, attaining the essential certifications and licenses to practice medicine. We provide high-quality healthcare services, leveraging our expertise and commitment to the well-being of our patients.

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Satisfied patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans, leading to improved health outcomes and a faster recovery from illness or injury.

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Dr. Hardik Padhiyar stands out as a top orthopedic surgeon based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His expertise covers knee, hip, shoulder, elbow revision joint replacements, as well as trauma surgery.

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